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Battery Chargers

Warranty and Calibration on all equipment is one year from purchase.

Model: Alpha C-25

25 Amp dual output battery charger.
Accommodates all types of 12 or 24-Volt aircraft and ground support batteries.
Constant potential (CP) or true constant current (CI). Timer and readout meters.

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Model: Activator 282

Activator 282
This 24-Volt battery charger / status monitor connects directly to an aircraft / military battery. Float and auto shut-off modes can be set for Lead Acid or Nicad batteries. Monitors Battery voltage increasing shelf life.

Unit can work as a “Status Monitor” after a battery has been properly serviced by approved FAA Repair Station. The battery can be placed in storage with the Activator 282 installed on main connector. The Activator 282 will provide constant monitoring by pulsing the battery and provide a visual indicator of Green, Yellow or Red indicator of battery status.

The Activator 282 performing status monitoring is not consider maintenance as it does not change the level maintenance of the battery.

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Model: AC 25C GroundSupport/ Automotive

AC 25C GroundSupport/ Automotive
12 volt Rejuvination

Automatic operation
High Amp pulse
Complete conditioning restoration & recharge
Average 3 hours to complete
Temerature monitors battery temp and shuts down incase of an overheat when temp plate is used
Can rejuvinate a completely flat zero volt battery in most cases

Operating Manual

Model: Activator 282U

AC 25C GroundSupport/ Automotive
Activator 282U
Quick connect , Cable connection and Fully automatic charger for 24 volt Batteries

The Activator 282U is a direct connect, fully automatic 2 Amp charger capable of charging a 24 volt military or aviation battery of any rating from zero to full capacity. It is also a standby maintenance unit without the use of “trickle” charging, thus extending the life and durability of the battery. There is no gassing, heat or other detrimental results of trickle or float charge. The digital voltmeter continuously displays battery voltage during charge and standby.

Operating Manual

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